Green Communities
Capron Ridge was developed to coincide with nature. The preserve areas, wooded hammocks and lakes are home to native birds, plants, fish and wildlife. But thats not all that makes this a 'green' community.

Capron Ridge is soon to be the first in Brevard County to be certified as a green community by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

The developer worked closely with Brevard County's Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program. This program was established in 1990 to protect the natural habitats of Brevard County by acquiring environmentally sensitive lands for conservation, passive recreation, and environmental education. Capron Ridge has a 25 acre EELS Sanctuary on site, known as the Capron Ridge Sanctuary. Within this Sanctuary, there is preserved scrub jay and gopher tortoise habitat, and a preserved portion of the Capron-Hernadez trial, constructed in 1837.

Capron Ridge, Green Community

We have worked closely with county and state wildlife officials to develop a wetland management plan as well as a scrub jay and gopher tortoise monitoring plan.

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Brevard County EELS Site

Florida Green Building Coalition

St. John River Water Management District


Energy Star

Water Star

The developer has worked diligently to create a community with conservation in mind. To earn certification through the Florida green Building Coalition, the community must achieve a benchmark rating in the following development criteria:
  • Protection of Ecosystems and Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Creation of a Green Circulation System (roadways and pathways)
  • Green Utilities Practices
  • Amenities with conservation in mind
  • Covenants & Deed Restrictions encouraging green building
  • Providing Educational Information to the community to promote Green Living Practices
We encourage our builders to use Energy Star & Florida Water Star practices. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Florida Water Star is a voluntary certification program for new and existing residential and commercial developments that encourages water efficiency in household appliances, plumbing fixtures, irrigation systems and landscapes.